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Emergency call and assistance systems give elderly people security

Enclosures for wearable systems

A sudden fall. You cannot get up on your own, and perhaps you have even injured yourself more seriously. Emergency call systems can help here! They support senior citizens and people in need of help in their daily lives, warn of dangers and notify relatives or the emergency services in case of an emergency. OKW enclosures make a decisive contribution here – whether as a wearable version on the body, fixed to the wall or as a desktop base station.

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The starting point

This is a scenario that many single seniors fear: what happens if I fall and nobody notices? It can happen at any time! With increasing age, our visual and aural faculties become less acute. Muscle strength, coordination and the speed of reaction decline, and chronic diseases often make life difficult for many older people. However, emergency call and assistance systems give senior citizens the necessary security to cope with everyday life and make relatives feel good, even if they are not in the immediate vicinity. Senior citizens carry a mobile transmitter with them for both home and mobile emergency calls. If anything happens to them, they just have to press the button on this transmitter. This triggers an alarm in an emergency call centre, which immediately attempts to contact the person concerned. If this is not possible or if there is an emergency, the staff of the emergency call service inform the relatives, the family doctor or the ambulance service as required.

Enclosures for mobile emergency call applications

Enclosures for wearable systems

OKW's wearable enclosures are ideal for these mobile emergency call applications. The BODY-CASE, for example, can be worn on the wrist like a watch. With the wide range of accessories, however, there are many more options: you can wear it around your neck with a neck strap, on your body or on a bag with a belt / pocket clip, or simply carry it loose in your pocket. This range of enclosures is available in 2 different sizes, with and without a recessed control panel. The intermediate ring made of soft TPE material allows visual differentiation ( your individual company colours for special injection moulding orders from 200 pieces) and the high protection class IP65. This means that the electronics are protected against jets of water when you are washing your hands or cleaning.

BODY-CASE enclosures

Another suitable product range for mobile radio emergency call systems is MINITEC. There are 2 different design variants (rectangular and drop-shaped), 3 sizes each and various colours or colour combinations available from stock. MINITEC can also be worn round your wrist, round your neck or on a belt. Here's how our customers have used MINITEC for their wearable systems:



The ioTracker is a LoRa (Long Range Wide Area WAN) based GPS tracker with alarm functions. The tracker has a whole series of advantages: location determination, alarm button, long battery life, and a sound function to help you find the ioTracker.

LoRa GPS Tracker with alarm button



This emergency call tag is worn around the neck with a lanyard, thus making it possible to make an emergency or help call directly to the main call system.

Touchsafe Pro tag

Transmission of the emergency call

In the classic version, emergency call systems for senior citizens transmit the emergency call by radio from the handheld transmitter to the base station. This immediately alerts the preset phone number. Base stations can be used either as desktop versions or as space-saving wall-mounted solutions. For this purpose, the OKW enclosure portfolio offers a wide range of options – depending on the required volume of installed electronics, the number of keypads/operating elements and the customer's personal design preferences. This is why we have picked out an enclosure range called SYNERGY at this point. This desktop and wall-mounted enclosure is characterised by its high-quality appearance, and consists of an aluminium profile with a top and bottom part made of black plastic. There are 36 enclosure sizes available in 4 basic shapes: round, oval, rectangular and square. SYNERGY, like almost all OKW enclosures, can be modified according to individual customer requirements with, for example, printing, mechanical machining for interfaces/displays, painting etc.

Transmission of the emergency call

SYNERGY enclosures

Product ranges:

Wall mount enclosures

Desktop / Keyboard Housings

More security thanks to AAL assistance systems

Intelligent assistance systems (AAL, Ambient Assisted Living) go a step further than just the emergency call function. The basis is a self-learning system in which sensors are connected up to collect and evaluate data. Routine tasks and the habits of senior citizens are thus recorded. For example, AAL systems can automatically control lighting and room temperature. Another option could be fall sensors in the floor, which detect whether a person has been lying on the floor for a longer period of time. Sensors in ceilings/walls or in the shower check the movement profile of the occupant and also trigger an emergency message if anything unusual occurs or in case of need.

AAL assistance systems

Practical example

The AAL assistance system collects information as well as sensor readings, thus allowing early hazard detection and triggering a reminder function. For example, if the occupant leaves the home while the cooker is still on, the system can issue a warning or switch off the appliance automatically.
The OKW SMART-CONTROL enclosure range is ideal for this application. Two different options are available: either set up horizontally on the table with an ergonomic reading angle of 45° or as a space-saving solution in standard room corners. The special wall suspension element allows the assistance system to be mounted quickly and efficiently in the corner.

SMART-CONTROL enclosures