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New products & company news

At OKW we are constantly developing exciting new products and range additions to provide our customers with innovative housing solutions. Take a look at our latest new products here:

Charging the BODY-CASE in series

Would you like to simultaneously charge several BODY-CASE enclosures wirelessly on a table stand? No problem! Stations are now available as accessories for individual series mounting and configuration.
The stations offer sufficient space for additional electronics, e.g. an inductive charging option. Integrated guides allow the BODY-CASE enclosure to be easily located into position. If necessary, a seal (accessory) for protection class IP 54 can be fitted.

SMART-TERMINAL with lateral end plates made of aluminium

The SMART-TERMINAL enclosure with lateral end plates made of aluminium is now also available as a complete enclosure. These enclosures will impress you with their extremely compact design and a uniform appearance in aluminium. The end plates can also be rationally processed, for example with cutouts for connectors, cable inlets and outlets etc.

SYNERGY is now protected under patent law

On 16.01.2018, the German Patent and Trademark Office granted the OKW SYNERGY enclosure series a legally valid patent. The combination of black plastic parts (top/bottom parts) and an aluminium profile anodised in silver which are bolted to each other by means of innovative connection technology is so far unique on the enclosure market. In addition, the SYNERGY scores with its purist design in 4 basic geometrical shapes: round, oval, square and rectangular. For these reasons, the protection of intellectual property is very important for this modern wall-mount and table-top enclosure series.

New enclosure size EVOTEC 100

From now on, the EVOTEC 100 rounds off the robust enclosure series at the lower end of the range. The plastic enclosures are available in two heights: with flat top parts for compact installations and with high top parts for more installation volume. An all-round tongue and groove connection ensures a high degree of stability. With the material ASA+PC-FR (UV-resistant) and the optional seal, outdoor applications are also possible.

Wall suspension element for EVOTEC sizes 200 and 250

For concealed wall mounting of the EVOTEC enclosure sizes 200 and 250, a wall suspension element is now available as an accessory. The two-piece design allows the enclosure to be clipped in place quickly and easily and, if necessary, two screws can be used to secure it against unauthorised removal.

Sophisticated aluminium profile enclosures for central control units

Our new SMART-TERMINAL aluminium profile enclosures feature a highly quality matt anodised finish. These robust, elegant and highly attractive cases offer plenty of space for large-volume electronic assemblies, for example touch screens, display modules, PCBs etc. A variety of technical advantages, individual profile lengths on request, and creative designer options make the SMART-TERMINAL the last word in excellence for tough industrial display enclosures.

Additions to the BODY-CASE range - high degree of functionality in the smallest of spaces

To allow you to develop your wearables so that they are even smaller, OKW now offers its BODY-CASE enclosure range in an additional miniature format. With dimensions of only 50 x 41 x 16 mm, the new size "BODY-CASE M" is ideal for compact wearable electronic devices. Wrist strap, belt / pocket kit, lanyard etc. are available as accessories.

In addition, two "stations" for the housing sizes L and M are now available as an accessory. They provide sufficient space for additional electronics, e.g. for an inductive charging option. On request, the stations can be mounted in series.

New enclosure size EVOTEC 150

"With EVOTEC 150 we can today present to you the third size of the enclosure family successfully introduced at the beginning of the year," says Oliver Herrlich, designer of the EVOTEC plastic enclosure.

The chosen design with large radii and a pleasantly soft appearance has been well received on the market. The new size is available with a flat top part in the dimensions 150 x 93 x 35 and 150 x 93 x 45 mm: a flat design for small-format components, and a higher design for larger installations. Thanks to the high-quality ASA+PC-FR material with high UV protection and the option with a seal, the robust desktop enclosures are thus particularly suitable for industrial use in harsh environments and for visually demanding applications.

Successfully certified in accordance with ISO 9001/2015

We have successfully passed the recertification audit in accordance with ISO 9001, Edition 2015. The auditor from DQS, who visited OKW from 13 to 15.09, particularly emphasised the detailed context and the process orientation with the comprehensive process master data sheets.

This successful certification once again confirmed that all of the relevant quality criteria for the development, production, finishing and distribution of enclosures/tuning knobs are observed and that the processes are conducted transparently and in compliance with the relevant standards.

STYLE-CASE hand-held enclosure series extended

The new sizes are "STYLE-CASE S" (124 x 48 x 25 mm) and "STYLE-CASE M" (147 x 56 x 27 mm). The compact formats with a pleasant feel are ideal for design-oriented remote controls of all kinds.

The glossy finish skilfully catches the light and gives your devices a fresh touch and a modern appearance. As far as the the luxurious finishes are concerned, you can choose between the standard colours black and traffic white. On request we can also supply the STYLE-CASE in your colours.

For the power supply, the enclosure sizes S and M are equipped with an externally accessible battery compartment for 2 x 1.5 V AAA batteries.

Addition to the EVOTEC enclosure range

The "EVOTEC 250" with the dimensions 250 x 155 x 54 mm is a new addition to the range. This offers sufficient space for the installation of 5.7" displays with / without touch screen function.

Depending on the application, you have the choice between three control panels: flat, inclined without recess and inclined with recess to protect a membrane keypad.

The pleasantly gentle contour guarantees that your devices have an elegant appearance. Thanks to the high-quality ASA+PC-FR material with high UV protection and the option with seal, the robust desktop enclosures are thus particularly suitable for industrial use in harsh environments and for visually demanding applications.

Managing Director Martin Knörzer
Eventful financial year with excellent annual accounts

At the end of the financial year 2016/2017, OKW Gehäusesysteme has achieved highly satisfactory results. Sales increased to €14.80 million - an improvement of 8.8% compared to the previous year. "Our past financial year was very eventful: we participated in 3 trade events in Germany, restructured our sales further and introduced two new enclosure ranges on the market; the ergonomic hand-held enclosure STYLE-CASE, on the one hand, and on the other the robust EVOTEC desktop enclosure range," explains Managing Director Martin Knörzer.

In the new financial year, from 01.07.17 up to and including 30.06.2018, OKW Gehäusesysteme will also be able to report once more on a wide range of new products: we intend to extend the product range of the STYLE-CASE and EVOTEC enclosure series with more sizes, the wearable enclosure BODY-CASE will have a cradle as well as a smaller M version, and we will be participating in the trade fair events Compamed (Düsseldorf) and EmbeddedWorld in Nuremberg, and much more.

New OKW customer magazine

In the new issue of our customer magazine INSIDE we are dealing with the topics of ergonomics and design. Nowadays, mobile devices must be designed in such a way that they guarantee safe and effective operation in all situations. The visual impression also plays a decisive role in the purchasing decision. The new STYLE-CASE hand-held enclosures represent an ideal combination of these two factors, and are the main subject area in this new issue.

However, there is much more to discover. Just have a look!

RAILTEC C enclosures with flat top parts

RAILTEC C enclosures with module width 6 are now also available with flat top parts. The generously dimensioned front panel allows individual design with plenty of space for operating and display elements, lettering as well as interfaces.
It is your choice: an enclosure with an open front panel or with a closed front panel. Front panels in different versions are available as accessories.
To protect the connections and electronics, terminal guards are available in different versions as additions, depending on requirements.
The DIN rail enclosures are made of PC (UL 94 V-0) and snap securely onto standard rails complying with DIN 60715 TH 35.

DIN rail adapter makes your devices compatible with standard rails

The DIN rail adapter can be universally used for small plastic enclosures up to wall thicknesses of 3 mm. It makes it possible to snap the enclosures securely onto standard rails complying with DIN EN 60715 (TH35, TH15 and G32), e.g in control cabinets.
Only two mounting holes are required to secure it on the enclosure.
A perfect solution for applications in automation, building services systems, mechanical engineering, control engineering, monitoring technology and much more!

EVOTEC enclosures achieve the high protection class IP 65

A recent protection class test in accordance with DIN EN 60529 has confirmed the high protection class IP 65 of the sturdy EVOTEC plastic enclosures. The tests were conducted by an independent external testing institute.
This means that the enclosures effectively protect sensitive electronics even under harsh operating conditions.
In the case of special modifications or the installation of accessories, we recommend that the finished products should be certified.

EVOTEC – Designer table-top enclosures

The new EVOTEC enclosures expand the range of robust table top enclosures by OKW. Soft contours guarantee an elegant appearance and ensure high-quality packaging for your electronics. The enclosures are made of UV-resistant ASA+PC-FR plastic material, and can be fitted with a seal (accessory) for protection class IP 65. Your equipment is thus fully prepared for rough conditions and outdoor use.
Different top parts offer you many comfortable options for packaging your electronics to meet the needs of your specific application! Depending on the model: classic form with flat top part and large interior, or ergonomically practical with a front panel inclined by 12° – ideal for desktop applications with perfect user comfort. The desktop version is also available with or without a recessed control panel to protect the membrane keypad / decor foil.
Ask us to send you a sample!

RAILTEC B with low/high connection levels

New versions are now available for applications requiring a larger installation compartment, to supplement the RAILTEC B range of DIN rail enclosures. The top parts of the enclosures have different connection levels, high and low, for mounting individual components, e.g. terminal blocks, plug headers, front connectors, USB, LAN and D-Sub connectors. The enclosures meet the requirements of DIN 43880, size 1, and guarantee fast and simple locking capability onto standard rails complying with DIN EN 60715 TH35.

Concealed wall mounting for SYNERGY R120 and R140
Concealed wall mounting for SYNERGY R120 and R140

With small-format enclosure applications, external wall mountings often appear dominant, and are frequently perceived as obtrusive in visually discerning environments. Concealed wall mounting is a much sought-after solution.
With the newly designed wall suspension element set by OKW, special small enclosures with a flat base can be elegantly mounted on the wall, much to the pleasure of the user. For example applications like controllers in building installations can be installed in the
SYNERGY R120 (ø 120 mm x 40 mm – ER123059) and
SYNERGY R140 (ø 140 mm x 40 mm – ER143059) enclosures.

Wall suspension element set black, A9305019 >>

Wall suspension element set off-white, A9305017 >>

STYLE-CASE - Highly polished and ergonomic handheld enclosures

Our new STYLE-CASE has a high gloss surface finish, thus creating another design highlight for handheld control units. These elegant eye-catching enclosures fit snugly in the hand and are easy and reliable to operate. The highly polished surface has a very pleasant feel which imparts a high quality and modern user experience.

Christmas Vacation at ROLEC OKW Australia New Zealand Pty Ltd
Christmas Vacation at ROLEC OKW Australia New Zealand Pty Ltd

Our company will be closed from COB 21.12.2016 - 08.01.2017, we will re-open on Monday 9th January.
We wish you a very Merry Christmas and fortune, health and success in the New Year.

OKW at the electronica trade fair
OKW Gehäusesysteme at the "electronica 2016" electronics trade fair

Last week, the largest trade fair for electronics – the electronica – took place in Munich from 08 to 11 November, under the motto "The networked world – a secure place". 2,913 companies from over 50 countries showed their innovative product solutions in line with this motto. The Buchen-based Odenwälder Kunststoffwerke Gehäusesysteme GmbH (in short: OKW Gehäusesysteme) was also present at the fair with its own 84-square-metre exhibition stand.

The electronica, the leading trade fair for electronics, has been taking place every 2 years since 1964, and is growing continuously. This year, more than 73,000 visitors from 88 countries made use of this get-together to exchange views and information with their colleagues from around the world. The focus here was on the "Internet of Things". This means that "normal" computers are increasingly disappearing as individual units and are being replaced by intelligent objects which are supposed to support people imperceptibly in their everyday situations. However, how is the networking of individual systems progressing, and what effects does this have on our everyday lives? There were many attempts at the electronica to find answers to these questions.

OKW Gehäusesysteme has been aware of this trend for some time now, and with the BODY-CASE has developed an enclosure that can easily be carried as a mini-format computer (so-called wearable) on the body (around your neck or on your wrist, on your arm or even worn loose in an article of clothing). On the elegantly designed stand in Hall B1, however, the visitor to the trade fair was able to discover many more interesting things: robust hand-held and wall-mounted enclosures, enclosures for wired applications, tuning knobs, innovative table top enclosures and much more. The trade fair was also the platform for presenting a completely new enclosure range to the general public – the STYLE-CASE. This range of hand-held enclosures is characterised by an ergonomic design and a modern, high-gloss finish in black or white. "With all of our new enclosures and our presence at the electronica, we have once more underlined our leading position on the market. This was also confirmed by the many interesting conversations we had with the international visitors to our stand. This means that we can be very optimistic about the future," says Frank Wahlandt, Sales Manager at OKW Gehäusesysteme.

COM-KNOBS cover with a classy metallic look

This will turn your device into a real eye-catcher! The shimmering metallic effect of the matt chrome covers creates an individual style, has a high-quality appearance and forms a striking contrast to the basic plastic body of the tuning knob. In the choice of a front panel with a metallic look, the colour and styling form a perfect unified whole.

Covers with a chrome-plated finish are available for size 23-40 mm COM-KNOBS. The size 40 is also available with a finger recess for rational handling during adjustment.

New sealing kits for the NET-BOX

New sealing kits made of silicone with pre-moulded contours are now available for the NET-BOX. The moulded seal makes it easier to insert in the groove of the enclosure. Since installation is so easy, you save installation time compared to conventional round cord seals.

All sizes of the NET-BOX with the silicone seal fitted have been successfully tested for compliance with protection class IP 65.

Fastening brackets for shoulder strap / carrying strap

For universal use, for attaching a shoulder strap and carrying strap or the like. (separate article). Allows the enclosure to be carried comfortably.

Martin Knörzer wins the "Manager of the Year 2016" award
Martin Knörzer wins the "Manager of the Year 2016" award

Who are the top managers in the electronics industry? It was exciting right up until the last minute: who did the readers of the trade journal "Markt&Technik" choose as "Managers of the Year 2016"? As in the past year, the response was outstanding, for more than 7,000 readers voted online for their favourites from the following categories: Passive Components, Embedded Systems, Power Supply, Communications, Sensor Technology, SMC Distributors, SMT Equipment, Semiconductors and Pioneers/Founders of Electronics.

Martin Knörzer, Graduate in Economics and Managing Director of OKW Gehäusesysteme, was chosen Top Manager for 2016 in the category of "Electromechanics". The top three in each category received the award. "I am very happy to receive this award, and would like to thank everyone that gave me their vote," said Martin Knörzer. The awards were presented within the framework of the "Markt&Technik Summit 2016" in Gut Ising on the Chiemsee on Thursday, 02 June 2016.

Heinz Arnold (Editor in chief Markt&Technik),
Martin Knörzer (OKW Managing Director),
Dr. Erich Schenk (Editor Markt&Technik)

SYNERGY with plexiglas panel assembly

On request we can offer special holding frames for the SYNERGY range of enclosures for using a plexiglas panel with printing on the rear side. The high-quality appearance of the enclosure with an aluminium frame blends seamlessly into the modern living and working world. Why not ask us! We shall be pleased to advise you.

PDF data sheet >>

MINITEC EM enclosure with new intermediate ring
for "Micro USB 5P, B Type SMT"

MINITEC enclosures are ideal for portable USB solutions, e.g. as data logger sticks.
To use "Micro USB 5P, B Type SMT" there is now a new TPE intermediate ring with eyelet in the standard colour of volcano for the standard MINITEC EM range.
Matching enclosures are available in ABS (UL 94 HB) off-white and lava as well as in PMMA Plexiglas black.
Outside dimensions of the enclosure with intermediate ring: 68 x 42 x 24 mm

Enclosure feet for desktop units

The range of accessories is complemented by universal enclosure feet, Ø 30 mm, to fit plastic and metal enclosures with wall thicknesses of up to max. 3 mm.
Push-in TPE inserts ensure stable positioning. The enclosure feet are available as a set in 4 standard colours, with and without support legs, for an ergonomically practical inclination of the devices.
To install these, locating holes must be drilled in the enclosure.


For low-priced measuring instruments the DATEC-COMPACT enclosures are available without sealing for protection class IP41. Three sizes (S, M, L) and two standard colours off-white (RAL 9002) and lava.

RAILTEC C, 6 modules with high top part

DIN rail enclosure made in PC (UL 94 V-0) with high top part. Terminal guards as accessories. With open and closed front panels. Front panel and front cover available as accessories. Suitable for EN 50 60715 DIN rails as well as for direct wall mounting.


DIN rail enclosure with push-on terminal blocks, 16-pin (4 x 4 pins) in a 5 mm grid. Versions without/with ventilation slots for good heat dissipation. Suitable for DIN rails EN 60715 TH35.

BODY-CASE small enclosures with flair are available now

BODY-CASE is the new "wearable" standard enclosure from OKW. The design is perfect for so-called "wearable technologies": on your arm, around your neck, clipped to a shirt or trouser pocket, or carried loose in an article of clothing.

Get your sample now!

Carry cases for transportation, protection and presentation

New additions to the range are high-quality bags and cases in 4 sizes and 2 colours. The interior can be individually designed to meet your requirements, so that your equipment does not slide around and is ideally protected from external influences. There are also matching Velcro bags, flexible foam inserts and partition sets, depending on the type. The right combination and exactly-fitting inserts create order and a structured appearance – an advantage when you are presenting your products! For the models 330 and 340, a shoulder strap is also available.

Adapter for station L: practical wall console for Carrytec size L
Adapter for station L: practical wall console for Carrytec size L

The newly designed adapter allows the station L to be mounted on the wall. This practical wall console offers a safe place for you to deposit your applications in the size L Carrytec enclosure. Use this option for a battery charger, data transmission etc.

Adapter for station L in off-white >>

Adapter for station L in lava >>

Enclosures for Raspberry Pi 7-inch touch display

In September this year, the Raspberry Pi Foundation presented a 7" touch display for the micro-PC. The Raspberry Pi Model A+, Model B+ as well as the new Raspberry Pi 2 Model B are supported.

CONNECT - an attractive enclosure for wired applications

With the new CONNECT, OKW Gehäusesysteme presents a versatile and compact plastic enclosure for wired applications. It consists of two enclosure shells which are easily and reliably joined together by means of a concealed locking edge. The two end sides are designed in such a way that either they are closed or they can be fitted with cable glands. The possible applications include security and building services systems, computer peripherals and network technology, data transfer, measuring and control engineering as well as medical technology.

Carrytec M with carrying cases and shoulder strap

For keeping instruments, sensors, accessories etc. there are now also special side carrying cases (moulded plastic parts and textile fabric) for the size M Carrytec enclosure. Interfaces can be preconnected and are immediately ready for use.

The complete versions each contain a Carrytec M, two carrying cases (left/right) as well as a shoulder strap, including assembly kits. Individual processing of the enclosure, e.g. recesses for interfaces, display and operating elements etc. on request.

OKW design enclosures feature at ElectroneX 2015 in Melbourne

The award winning range of design enclosures from OKW Gehausesysteme again featured strongly at the ElectroneX 2015 exhibition, the annual trade fair for electronics development and assembly in Australia which this year was held at the Melbourne Park Function Centre on September 9th - 10th and attracted in excess of 1000 visitors from within the electronics industry.

ROLEC OKW Australia New Zealand Pty Ltd exhibited a wide range of OKW enclosures and tuning knobs, in particular the SYNERGY, a winner of the iF product design award, CARRYTEC a unique design with integrated carry handle, and the new RASPBERRY CASE for the Raspberry Pi B+ and Pi 2 series boards, many other products from the huge range offered by OKW were also on display together with the individual modification options that are available to adapt the standard enclosures to customer requirements.

The OKW products made a favourable impression on the visitors to the booth of ROLEC OKW Australia New Zealand, with many new contacts made and considerable interest shown in the market leading products.

BODY-CASE - new enclosure for on-the-body applications


The new BODY-CASE is expected to be available from the end of February 2016. The "wearable enclosure" fulfils its function in the simplest way, without restricting the user in his activities and without being conspicuous. The BODY-CASE can be worn in many different ways: on your arm, round your neck, with a clip on your belt or shirt pocket as well as loosely or permanently attached to articles of clothing.

Are you interested, or would you like a sample?
Simply send a short mail to info@okw.com and we will send you the information you need (brochures, price information) or your personal sample as soon as possible after the official market launch.

KNX cover for DIN rail enclosures

New cover for KNX connectors, to fit 2/4 modules of RAILTEC B series version VI as well as with flat top parts. Easy assembly through snap-in installation of the case parts.

SYNERGY aluminium / plastic enclosure receives award

The SYNERGY enclosure range received the prestigious iF product design award in 2015. 
The development focused on the unique combination of contemporary design and functionality. A total of 36 enclosure sizes in the four basic shapes of square, rectangular, circular and oval convinced the jury, with great attention to detail and a high-quality finish. SYNERGY has become a role model for a new generation of enclosures.

"SYNERGY combines the advantages of plastic and aluminium in one single enclosure concept! We are pleased that this new family of enclosures has met with such an enthusiastic response," says Joachim Altmann, R&D.

This coveted award was presented in the BMW Welt in Munich on the occasion of the iF Design Award Night on 27.02.2015.

J. Altmann, R&D
E. Weinlein, Head of R&D; M. Nußberger, polyform Industriedesign

Programme extension of SMART-BOX

New size 220 x 130 x 60 mm. The plastic enclosure is made of high-quality ASA+PC-FR (UL 94 V-0) in the colour light grey RAL 7035.
The robust SMART-BOX series of wall-mounting and desktop enclosures is characterised by an elegant design concept with gently rounded corners and many technical features. This opens up many different application options in electrical installation or in classic fields of electronics.

German Design Award for BLOB plastic enclosures

After being honoured with the iF Design Award in 2014, the innovative range of BLOB enclosures has now also received the German Design Award 2015 in the "Special Mention" category.

"We are very pleased to receive this award. For us this is fantastic acknowledgement and recognition of the work we put into the development of the product design and product quality. Now our customers can present their electronics in a modern enclosure," says Egon Weinlein, head of R&D.

The objective of the German Design Award is to discover, present and honour unique design trends. As a competition by industry for industry, which emphasises the enormous design competence of the participants, the German Design Award enjoys an excellent reputation among the public.

The three versions of the BLOB series of enclosures were developed according to the principles of "universal design". These support applications that are flexible enough to meet the needs of a large number of people with different hand sizes and grasping volumes.

Ask us now for our New Products Supplement 2015

All new products as well as supplements to the main catalogue are included in the New Products Supplement 2015.

Slim version of Carrytec

The Carrytec enclosure is now also available as a slim version for the installation of tablet computers and the like, which have modest space requirements. The practical handle also makes it possible to carry the enclosure comfortably and securely.

INTERFACE-TERMINAL - Standard Enclosures For iPad Air
December 2014

OKW has added two new iPAD Air front panels to its INTERFACE-TERMINAL multifunction electronic enclosures range – enabling the tablets to be securely mounted to walls or desks, or in a robust handheld enclosure to help prevent damage or even theft.

 - Plastic panel for iPad Air

 - Aluminium panel for iPad Air

SYNERGY - Advanced Extruded Aluminium/Plastic Enclosures
July 2014

For the first time ever, OKW has combined aluminium with plastic to produce a harmonious blend of materials in its advanced new range of enclosures. Synergy is available in 36 different models from launch. These beautiful new housings feature an extruded aluminium case profile, which has a very high quality surface finish. The plastic top and base parts are assembled by internal fixing pillars. The top is recessed for a keypad and the base includes a battery compartment lid. Separate battery cradles for 2, 3, or 5 AA cells are available. The base is inset for fitting cables up to ø3mm through the underside. Four case shapes are offered; round, square, rectangular and oval. The plastic parts are flame retardant (UL 94 V-0) and UV stable. A wall mounting kit is also offered. Synergy enclosures can be supplied fully customised. Different heights can also be accommodated.

DATEC-COMPACT - Outdoor IP65 Handheld Enclosures
May 2014

DATEC-COMPACT is our latest range of modern and ergonomic handheld enclosures which have been designed for tough outdoor applications. The material is ASA + PC-FR (UL 94 V-0) which is strong, flame retardent and resistant to ultraviolet radiation when frequently used outdoors. DATEC-COMPACT cases are available in two standard colours: off-white, RAL 9002 and lava grey. All models are a supplied with a pre-moulded IP 65 sealing gasket in the lid. Options include a 3 x 1.5V AA battery compartment, desk charging station, pre-fitted contacts for the station and wall holders. The launch model is size M (172 x 92 x 39 mm), sizes S and L will be available later in 2014.

RAILTEC B - Low Profile DIN Rail Enclosures
April 2014

The new RAILTEC B low profile DIN rail enclosures have a flat full size top sections which is ideal for mounting controls and displays. The top section is recessed for fitting membrane keypads or product labels. Internal mounting pillars are provided inside the for mounting displays and PCBs. PCB terminal blocks and headers can be accomodated in the ends, and a range of terminal guards is available to suit different pitch sizes and arrangements. These new low profile models are available in standard widths of 2, 4, 6 and 9 modules. The DIN rail clip on the rear conforms to DIN EN 60715 TH35. The enclosures are moulded in flame retardant UL 94 V-0 rated PC and PPO.

NET-BOX - Sleek Wall Mount Enclosures
January 2014

Very modern and elegant housings for wall mounted control units, network nodes, medical devices, access control terminals and much more. Stylish curved top section which can be fitted with LEDs, displays and switches. Inset panel on the underside provides discreet mounting for all the connections i.e. RJ45, RS232, HDMI, USB, power inlets etc. The connectors and cables are hidden under the front lid.