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Press releases

EVOTEC enclosure family extended by another standard size as well as a wall suspension element
May 2018

With the new enclosure size 100, the range of Evotec enclosures by OKW Gehäusesysteme has grown further. The small EVOTEC 100 is ideal for applications that require a reduced installation volume. The enclosures are particularly robust and are suitable for harsh working environments. The enormous variety of applications is rounded off by a wall suspension element for the sizes 200/250. Examples of possible applications would be measurement and control engineering, control technology, GSM modules, networks, medical and laboratory technology or information technology.

BODY-CASE – New enclosure size and station to match
March 2018

The wearable enclosure BODY-CASE range by OKW Gehäusesysteme has been extended by a smaller size. In addition, a cradle is also available now to let you put down the enclosure safely or, if necessary, to be able to charge it. Possible applications of the BODY-CASE include mobile data recording and data transmission, measuring and control engineering, digital communications technology, emergency call and notification systems as well as bio-feedback sensors in the fields of health care, medical technology, leisure and sports etc.

SMART-TERMINAL – Aluminium profile enclosure for robust display applications
February 2018

With the new SMART-TERMINAL enclosure range, OKW Gehäusesysteme offers an elegant, flexible and robust aluminium profile enclosure in its standard product programme. A uniform profile cross-section with variable length design as well as matching accessories allow a flexible variety of applications as a table-top or wall-mounted version.

EVOTEC – range extended to include new enclosure sizes
November 2017

The EVOTEC range of table top enclosures by OKW Gehäusesysteme has been extended by two more sizes in different versions. The choice of operating fronts and large interface surfaces allows them to be used in different areas of application, such as measurement and control engineering, medical and laboratory technology, control technology and environmental technology.

Extension of the STYLE-CASE enclosure range
October 2017

For the STYLE-CASE range of hand-held enclosures, OKW Gehäusesysteme has enlarged its programme with two more sizes, thus rounding off the range with practical products. The special feature of the enclosure family is the elegant, brilliant gloss finish and the ergonomic shape.

RAILTEC B DIN rail enclosures - versions with larger installation compartments
April 2017

The RAILTEC B enclosure range by OKW has now been extended by new variants for applications requiring larger installation compartments. Different connection levels, high and low, allow the highly individual assembly of components in the plastic enclosures. The 3 new versions in the widths of 2, 4, 6 and 9 modules integrate seamlessly into the comprehensive range of enclosures.

EVOTEC – For contemporary desktop applications
March 2017

With the new EVOTEC enclosure range, OKW Gehäusesysteme offers a modern desktop application. With their robust construction and yet attractive, ergonomic design, these enclosures are ideal for tough working environments. In addition, different operating fronts offer enormous scope for design.

STYLE- CASE – Handheld enclosure in a brilliant gloss finish

The new STYLE-CASE handheld enclosure by OKW Gehäusesysteme combines top-level ergonomics with modern design. A pleasant touch sensation as well as the sweeping design make work easier in all applications. The plastic enclosure is ideal for remote control units and controllers as well as for mobile data recording in medical technology, in the home and in industry.

New metallic-look cover for COM-KNOBS
November 2016

OKW Gehäusesysteme has extended its standard COM-KNOBS series of tuning knobs by including covers with a metallic look. The elegant appearance of the tuning knobs in a matt chrome finish adds a special enhancement.

MINITEC enclosure ideal for portable USB solutions
July 2016

For the MINITEC EM mobile enclosure, OKW Gehäusesysteme now offers suitable intermediate rings with an integrated recess for a USB interface. This range of enclosures features a particularly compact format. With the help of this interface, portable solutions become possible, for example compact measuring units with data recording as data logger sticks.

From the standard enclosure to the individual solution
May 2016

OKW Gehäusesysteme GmbH has a versatile standard range of design-oriented plastic enclosures and tuning knobs. However, the desire for individualisation can also be fulfilled by our own in-house service centre. All conceivable technologies are used to adapt the products to specific customer requirements.

New OKW Enclosure Catalogue 2016/2017
April 2016

The new product catalogue by OKW Gehäusesysteme differs from its predecessors. For the first time there will be two versions, an enclosure catalogue and an order overview, which will inform you with various content items which will complement each other. All new products and product enhancements since the last issue have been integrated.

RAILTEC CV – New vertical DIN rail mount housing complete with terminal blocks
April 2016

OKW Gehäusesysteme has added a new vertical DIN rail mount housing to its enclosure portfolio that is uniquely supplied complete with terminal blocks, suitable for DIN EN 60715 TH35 and features a clip together design for fast assembly.

BODY-CASE – Small enclosure with flair
February 2016

The new BODY-CASE is the first wearable enclosure by OKW Gehäusesysteme and is ideal for applications on or near the body. Thanks to its small, compact format, it is perfect for wearing on the body: on your arm, around your neck, in shirt and trouser pockets or carried loose in an article of clothing. The enclosure fulfils its function in the simplest way, without restricting the user in his or her activities and without being conspicuous.

CONNECT - an attractive enclosure for wired applications
October 2015

With the new CONNECT, OKW Gehäusesysteme presents a versatile and compact plastic enclosure for wired applications. It consists of two enclosure shells which are easily and reliably joined together by means of a concealed locking edge. The two end sides are designed in such a way that either they are closed or they can be fitted with cable glands. The possible applications include security and building services systems, computer peripherals and network technology, data transfer, measuring and control engineering as well as medical technology.

Enclosures made of special material
July 2015

In addition to its diverse range of standard plastic enclosures and tuning knobs, OKW Gehäusesysteme also offers production in other special materials. Depending on requirements and intended use, the enclosures can be produced in special colours or in flame-resistant material.

OKW’s New Slim CARRYTEC M Portable Instrument Enclosures
April 2015

OKW’s CARRYTEC M portable instrument enclosures are now available in a new slim version for tablet style electronics.

OKW’s New Enclosures for Housing iPAD Air Tablets for Industrial or Commercial Applications
February 2015

OKW has added two new iPAD Air front panels to its INTERFACE-TERMINAL multifunction electronic enclosures range – enabling the tablets to be securely mounted to walls or desks, or in a robust handheld enclosure to help prevent damage or even theft.

OKW's New Round & Oval Synergy Extruded Enclosures
January 2015

OKW has added new Round and Oval models to its elegant new range of SYNERGY electronic enclosures – its first to be manufactured from both plastic and extruded aluminium. The new models mean the SYNERGY range now offers 36 enclosures in four types – Round, Oval, Square and Edge (rectangular).

OKW’s New DATEC-COMPACT Enclosures For Outdoor Electronics
July 2014

OKW has launched DATEC-COMPACT, a brand new range of UV-stable IP65 handheld enclosures for outdoor electronics. These modern and ergonomic cases are the first from OKW to feature integrated contacts as an option – providing an all-in solution for charging and data transfer.

New Low Profile DIN Rail Enclosures From OKW
June 2014

OKW has added new low profile models to its tried and tested range of RAILTEC B DIN rail enclosures. The new low profile models can house single PCBs in the base or top section. They are very useful for equipment assemblies in cabinets where space is tight.